You CAN afford a high-quality website, and you DONīT have to be a rocket scientist to maintain it!

There's a common perception that a website cannot be attractive, functional and affordable. The reason for this is that "stock" websites and those created by "sitebuilder" software are often cheesy, unattractive and lack the flexibility and functionality needed for the particular business. But custom websites that do provide business functionality can be very expensive, and the expense of developing and launching the website is only the tip of the iceberg -- maintenance and modifications can add huge costs to the overall financial outlay. 

Several years ago, I was maintaining a highly regarded website for my wife's talent agency, and I was spending almost all my time doing it. I've worked in the Information Technology field for over four decades, and I had worked extensively with mainframe software that could generate its own entire application environment, reducing or eliminating the need for conventional application, network and database programmers. One day, I asked myself, "why can't there be a similar software platform that could be used to quickly develop highly functional, attractive websites - a platform that could reduce or eliminate entirely the need for a conventional 'webmaster'

I began looking for such a system, and although I found a number of low-cost "sitebuilder" and "template" systems, those systems required extensive additional programming to provide business functionality, which defeated the entire idea. And, of course, there was some functionality that just couldn't be accommodated by sitebuilder systems.

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After months of research, I found a company that had developed an ingenious solution to this problem: by using pre-made industry-specific modules, websites could be not only inexpensive, but quick and easy to design and implement. And they could be maintained by the customer, reducing the overall cost by thousands of dollars! The concept is so effective that it allows individuals and small businesses to have a website that fits their particular needs, at an affordable cost.

This is StevesIdeas - a website service that allows for easy-to-implement and maintain websites with specific functionality for specific markets. Whether you're an actor, a real estate professional, a car/truck dealer, an association/organization or a member of any of the other markets StevesIdeas serves, you'll find an economical and effective website tool that fits your specific needs. Take a look around and see what I mean - and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to click "Contact Me" on the left and drop me a note.

Below are a few excerpts from emails that I've received from my customers, telling me how much they love their StevesIdeas websites:


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Although almost all my customers do maintain their own website, I realize that there are some who simply don't want to do this. Believe me, it's not that they're not capable of doing so, they just don't have the time, energy or interest, and would prefer that someone else do their maintenance, design work, etc. I will be happy to handle this for you, and you'll be happy to learn that, because of the way our software is written, I can handle website changes MUCH faster than web programmers who use conventional web tools. My fees are very reasonable, and if you'd like to contact me, we can determine how much you might want me to do. I can work both on a hourly basis and a retainer arrangement, depending on your needs. Please understand that I NEVER charge my clients who call me to ask how to perform a particular task on their website - I charge a fee ONLY for major design/maintenance work. S